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Go to Proofreading- Starting at $19.99

Proofreading- Starting at $19.99

Best for those with a near-final essay looking for a quick polish

  • Your essay will be 100% free of typos and grammar errors guaranteed!
  • 48-hour turn around
  • Email follow-up
$19.99 Per Page (300 words)

Go to Standard- Starting at $29.99

Standard- Starting at $29.99

Combines proofreading with an expert critique to help you strengthen your writing

  • Includes Proofreading package
  • Constructive critique around structure
  • Content and tone to help you write
  • A more compelling & relevant essay
  • 48-hour turn around
  • Constructive critique around structure
  • Content and tone to help you write
  • A more compelling & relevant essay
  • 48-hour turn around
$29.99 per Page (300 words)

Go to VIP Service- Starting at $34.99

VIP Service- Starting at $34.99

Most comprehensive & best value – from initial topic brainstorm to finished essay, we’ll coach you every step of the way

  • Includes Standard package
  • Three rounds of critiques from your editor
  • 14 days of email support
$34.99 per Page (300 words)


Essay Writing Made Easy

Writing an essay? Don’t do it alone. It’s always good to have an essay editor on hand. The truth is, it’s not as easy as it looks. While there are many editing services for students, you want the best. How can an editing service help? For starters, an editor looks for the things you may not think about when writing, such as tone, sentence structure, and whether or not your essay makes sense.

When you hire someone for essay editing, there are a number of things you should expect. A good edit service should also provide essay proofreading services. You should know the difference:

  • Essay editing services are like the nuts and bolts of the operation. You won’t have a clear and well structured paper without it.
  • An essay proofreading service takes care of the finishing touches, like grammar, spelling and typos. A good essay has both.

Need help with your college application?

We’ve got you covered! We proofread college papers, provide college application essay editing services, and college application essay editing. With our college admission essay editing services, you will work directly with a college application essay editor to make sure everything is in order – your ideas and thoughts will be properly conveyed and structurally sound.

Once you get into college, having a resource available to proofread college essays and provide a term papers editing service will keep your grades high. Our APA proofreading services are represented by some of the best APA proofreaders in the business. When you need help, we have an essay editor generator to match you with the right person. For your convenience our online essay editing service is ready and waiting to assist in real time, with essay editors, paper editing services, essay editing and proofreading, and all the tools you need to turn in strong papers. Give us a call and see how our application essay editing service can assist.

What types of papers are eligible?

We provide professional essay editing and a proofreading service for essays, research papers, proposals, term papers, reports, compositions, and other assignments that required detailed writing. We are a professional essay editing service, and do not write papers or other content for individuals or students.

Who needs an editor for essays? Whether you are just starting your college career or are on track for a doctoral degree, our essay edit service can and college essay proofreader team can assist. A paper proofreading service is just that - a resource that provides a professional essay editor and term paper editing service to keep you on track. We are one the top online paper editing service teams that provides in-depth essay editing help. 

What can I expect from the service?

There are multiple reasons why we are the best essay editing service, but here are just a few: 

  • Essay editor service - we provide the tools, experience and knowledge required to be a competent essay editor for students.
  • You receive the original document with edits to see where the essay can be stronger. Everything is outlined and easy to understand. 
  • You receive a proofread paper, complete with grammatical and spelling errors highlighted for future reference.
  • Everything is tracked electronically so you can follow along.
  • You receive suggestions from a professional essay proof reader.
  • You receive a detailed explanation of what was done, what makes the paper stronger, and whether or not you need to add or subtract content.

These are just a few reasons why people contact us and say "edit my college essay." Having a team that can effortlessly provide a proofread essay service, and work with individuals who need essays services makes it easier for students who are embarrassed at the thought of having to ask someone to "edit my essay."

We are here to help! Our online service is available around the clock to assist students when they need help. Getting the help you need helps you grow as a writer. Our detailed information can help answer questions, and provide insight for those student who constantly have difficulty writing. Graduate and doctoral students utilize our services because it's always good to have a second set of eyes help make everything work.

For more information on our essay editing services, college application essay services, and proofreading services, contact our online team today. Remember - the best writers are the ones who aren't afraid to get help when they need it. Get in touch with our team and watch your writing improve today! 

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Whether you are looking for a final edit on a term paper, a second look at a book review, or extensive editing on an admission essay, we are here to help.

We honor your academic integrity: we are not an essay mill, we do not write essays, and we will never share your information with a third party.

  • 100% of Editors hold a Master's Degree or Higher

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  • Essays are guaranteed 100% error-free

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